Handbook to Health Intro

Handbook to Health ebook is currently available only on this site.

Handbook to Health Cover
The ebook, just like the soft copy, contains nutritional information
that will clearly define a new way for you begin eating in a Healthier,
more Supportive way for your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Is the Time to Stop Eating Foods that Make You:

  • fat
  • sick
  • tired
  • bloated
  • feel depressed
  • cause skin problems
  • suffer from inflammation
  • experience digestive discomfort

Is the Time to Discover and Enjoy Foods that Make You:

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Dis-ease Free
  • Vibrantly Alive

Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman have created a Simple, Nutritionally Sound Handbook To Help You Achieve Optimum Health.