About H2H

Vivian Rice, Nutritionist

Vivian Rice began her professional career in 1964 as an LPN. Her experience working in hospitals as well as her personal experience with allergies motivated her to study and implement holistic healing methods.
She studied at the American Hygienic Society in Chicago, Dr. Shelton’s Health School in Texas with a focus on nutrition, with Paavo Airola, ND, in Arizona and with N. W. Walker Ph.D, in California.  She became a Certified Hypnotherapist and later graduated as a massage therapist and foot reflexologist.
Vivian became a Certified Healing Dialogue Therapist in 1983, and has done extended independent studies in nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology. She has had more than 45 years experience in natural healing with nutrition and herbs. In 1980, Vivian opened and continues to operate her own healing practice.
A nationally known ceremonialist, educator and speaker, she is an active member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, The American Herb Guild, and the Pikes Peak Herb Association.
Vivian lives what she teaches. In 1983, she honored her Seminole Indian blood by learning and living the Spirit Road that honors all of the Creator’s life forms and their synergistic purpose. She was adopted by the Lakota White Hawk family, in South Dakota.

Contact Vivian Rice:
1900 East Pikes Peak Ave. Suite #8, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone (719) 635-5596 • Fax (719) 635-5597
e-mail: wildrice3@juno.com
For supplements and herbs call Nutraself (719) 633-3056

Edie Wogaman, Counselor

Edie Wogaman has been counseling in nutrition and lifestyle changes for thirty years. She has had intensive, supervised training in body chemistry balancing, personal growth, and communication issues.
In addition to her mental health counseling, Edie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki II practitioner, and has completed all necessary training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Her  Coaching training was with the Coaching Training Institute,Calif.  This unique system assists one in having a happy, purposeful and successful life.
Her current training and certification is in Matrix Energetics, which is a form of quantum healing for every level of physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.
Edie’s use of counseling skills, together with her vast knowledge in nutrition, creates a supportive blend that helps her facilitate clients’ healing in body, mind and spirit.
Edie’s practice keeps her traveling to the Southwest, as well as maintaining an established practice in Colorado Springs.

Contact Edie Wogaman:
1933 Timberline, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone (719) 531-0511
e-mail: pnut1943@att.net

Julia Wright, Artist & Writer

Julia lives in a small Colorado mountain town that is filled with mineral springs, holistic healers and artists.
Her artistic side, Fantafaces, works with feathers and found objects. Each mask has a character all its own and sparks instant Transformation when someone puts one on their face. Hair Clips and earrings float in your hair or besides your ears for a playful look. She often incorporates found objects in pins and necklaces. She has recently begun experimenting with creating wall art pieces using fewer feathers and more found objects.
Julia was introduced to Essential Oils over 18 years ago when recovering from a bad car accident and minor concussion.  Julia has recovered from three reckless drivers crashing into her car. Every accident created intense pain throughout her body and one gave her a “slight” concussion. She has incorporated many Essential Oils with pain relief and relaxing properties into her healing journey begun many years ago.
While recovering from a swollen leg caused by a huge blood clot from a minor surgery, she ignored three doctors telling her it would only get worse and she would be on Coumadin for the rest of her life.
She worked closely with Vivian Rice and Kathleen Morrow to aid in healing her body, mind and spirit. They instructed her into ways to use various holistic approaches to decrease the swelling and dissolve the clot.

At first, the blood clot made it very difficult and dangerous to walk any distances. Using nutritional advice and essential oils, about three years later, she hiked 13 mountainous miles and currently hikes at least once a week.
Julia has created a variety of meditations and mental “games” to vanquish worrisome thoughts that try to get in the way of falling asleep quickly. She also uses essential oils for Aroma Therapy to relax her mind and sore muscles that distract her from falling asleep.
She began using whole foods in her diet for over 40 years. Although not a vegetarian, she considers herself to be a conscientious eater, and uses healthy foods to maintain her Optimal Health.

Visit Julia’s blog at http://www.discoveressentialoilsforoptimumhealth.com

Or contact her at: info@handbooktohealth.com