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Many people still enjoy having a physical version of a book.

Just like this eBook, it is filled with easy to understand information
that will clearly define a New Way to Begin Eating in a Healthier,
More Supportive Way to achieve Optimum Health for
Your Body, Mind and Spirit.
The great majority of us live a life of constant stress, hurry, mental overload, worry and confusion . . .
Your Health is bound to be negatively affected.

If, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, you find yourself in difficult situations or in a job you dislike, constantly trying to please others, these situations create a high level of stress your body, mind and spirit must deal with daily and negatively affects your health.

If you don’t take time to rejuvenate your energy and body in a healthy way, and if you constantly hurry through your meals, without giving real thought to what you are putting in your body, your physical health will also be affected in a negative way.

Your physical, mental and spiritual bodies all need positive and health-giving attention. They can’t be forever be violated with impunity. Sooner or later they will rebel and your Health will begin to deteriorate on all levels.

Is the Time to Stop Eating Foods that Make You:

  • Fat
  • Sick
  • Tired
  • Bloated
  • Feel Depressed
  • Suffer from Inflammation
  • Experience Skin Problems
  • Experience Digestive Discomfort

Is the Time to Discover and Enjoy Foods that Make You:

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Dis-Ease Free
  • Vibrantly Alive
Handbook to Health shares simple, time-tested secrets to gaining Optimum Health.
Being knowledgeable and informed about how various foods and simple actions you can take will support your physical, mental and spiritual health is an important way to start changing your life. Having a better understanding about how foods you consume affect your overall well-being is a huge step towards finding Optimum Health for yourself and your family.

Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman created Handbook to Health, as a Simple, Nutritionally Sound, Informative Handbook To Help You Achieve Optimum Health.

You are personally invited to Embark on the Your Pathway to Optimum Health.
Our method is simply defined as:

“Open Mouth, Insert Nourishment.”

The intent of our book is to introduce you to a lifestyle change that you can easily accomplish.

Handbook to Health will work for Carnivores and Herbivores.

As you read through this book, you will quickly discover that by being more “mindful” of what, when and how you eat can change your health and life for the better. By making a few, simple changes, You will feel more energized; experience a sense of emotional well-being; think more clearly; and your body will feel stronger and filled with health.

This book describes how using a slightly different approach to eating food than your current approach, but one that can be integrated into anyone’s life, can dramatically change your health situation from feeling poorly to being filled with Good Health and Energized!

In Handbook to Health You will Discover:

  • How To Chose, Cook and Eat the Healthiest Foods offered on this Planet.
  • Simple ways To change your food patterns to Create Your Optimum Health!
  • Easy ways to cook and eat the foods that Work Best for a more Healthier You.
Handbook to Health begins with some very basic concepts, clearly stated, that you can easily and quickly implement in your daily routine.

When you better understand how to start, fill and end your day by eating nutritious and tasty whole foods, you will be stepping on a path to increased health and vitality.

Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman have over 75 years combined experience in health, nutrition and lifestyle changes counseling.

In Handbook to Health You will Learn:

  • Which foods combine to create health, not impede it.
  • Why Organic foods are Always your best choice.
  • What to eat in the morning to feel alert and energized all day.
  • About the dangers of dairy and caffeine.
  • How to substitute “health robbing foods” with “Health enhancing foods.”
  • The Pros and Cons of Soy.
  • How the foods you eat can affect your emotions.
  • About Vitamins and Minerals that help with specific health challenges.
  • Why Eating foods in season is the Healthiest Choice for your body.
  • How eating  Locally Grown Foods Supports your Health & local growers.
Vivian and Edie have seen hundreds of clients suffering with various health challenges make simple changes in the way they ate, end their suffering and once again feel vibrantly healthy and enjoying life.

In Handbook to Health Vivian and Edie discuss various health issues and explain how simple changes in your diet can often decrease the intensity or risk associated with these health issues.

They clearly explain the basics of “Food Combinations” that are key to changing body chemistry and maintaining a proper body weight and optimum health.

Vivian and Edie have created menus that will help relieve or reduce the negative impact of various health challenges using their personally tested recipes that they share in this book to get you started back on a path to Optimum Health.

In Handbook to Health you will find Specific Menu plans that have helped many of our clients to reduce or resolve these debilitating health issues:
  • Candida
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Menopause
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman created the original Handbook to Health at the request of their many clients who wanted to have this information in a concise and easily accessible format.

The purpose of the Handbook to Health and this site is to inform you that there is an easy way to change your thinking about food and exercise, and thus increase your health.

The Recipes in Handbook to Health are Delicious, Healthy and Easy to Prepare.

All of the Recipes in the Handbook to Health have been tested by us and many client friends.

Enjoy Healthy Snacks, Soups, Salads, Main Dishes, and yes, Sweet Treat Recipes, that are easy to prepare and based on using many foods you currently use.

Although we do not offer Handbook to Health as a “weight-loss diet” book, when you learn how to apply simple principles to your basic diet style and improve the amount of nutrition and health you receive by using whole foods, this often leads to you seeing a positive change in your body weight and improved levels of endurance and health.

The Guidelines and Menus in this book will help you get the most Health Increasing Nutrition from the foods you eat and experience a more Joyful Life.

We don’t want you become neurotic about your food, that would defeat the purpose.
The information you will find in Handbook to Health encourages You to do Your Best.

We encourage you to buy the freshest food you can and enjoy it!

In the Handbook to Health, we are sharing the best ways to Eat and Enjoy the most nutritious foods that help you maintain Optimum Health.

Purchase Handbook To Health on Amazon.com today!

is the time to start on your food-based path to Optimum Health.

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