Intro To Handbook To Health

Handbook to Health Intro

Handbook to Health ebook
contains Nutritional information
that will clearly define
a new way for you begin eating in a Healthier,
more Supportive way for
Your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Is the Time to Stop Eating Foods that Make You:

• fat
• sick
• tired
• bloated
• feel depressed
• cause skin problems
• suffer from inflammation
• experience digestive discomfort

Is the Time to Discover and Enjoy Foods that Make You:

• Happy
• Healthy
• Energetic
• Dis-ease Free
• Vibrantly Alive

Vivian Rice and Edie Wogaman have created a Simple, Nutritionally Sound Handbook To Help You Achieve Optimum Health.

Download the FREE “Food Allergy Knowledge Report” to gain understanding about how foods can cause many health challenges.

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